Silver Bullet Games
Based in Roanne, France

Release date:
June 10, 2020

PC / Mac / Linux (Steam)
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You are a castaway and wake up on the sand of a mysterious desert isle. Quickly, strange phenomenons happen, like hidden creatures or microclimates. Your short term goal: survive. Your long term goal: build a raft and escape the isle.


Isle Of Spirits is about casual gaming meeting the survival theme, in a voxel style mixed with smooth low poly shapes.

This is a casual experience, all interactions with your environment are done with a unique key press. The controls are simple, the camera movement is quite restricted, the focus is kept on the player interactions with its environement.

The game offers a chill experience too due to a quite slow rythm, but beware, a slow pace doesn't mean no danger.
The game loop has 2 season: summer and winter. Summer allow player to find some food and to explore the isle freely, while winter pushes the player to its own limits.

Player has to fight against some random events:

  • The mist - A strange mist can appear and progressively recover the isle, hiding terrible things.
  • Tornadoes - Tornadoes can aspirate wild resources, but also some player objects (including himself).
  • Monsoon - Monsoon can trap the player on a isolated part of the isle or prevent him to navigate on some parts.
  • Quakes - The border of the isle can be detached during quakes, sinking underwater
The game focuses on self learning: we never explain what to do neither how to do anything. All of the rules have to be discovered by the player, they can all be found thinking about how to survive or analyzing the environment.

It also focuses progression thanks to the permadeath and the absence of manual game save (despite auto saving). Permadeath should NOT be considered as a penalization, it is a new start for the player, who have to avoid the mistakes he did on the previous game. The game has a quite short length: building a raft is the condition to finish the game. We estimate the game duration to 6 hours for a first user experience. Replay value is based on player skills, island's random procedurally generation and game events.

The isle is a character: it is desert, but all the supernatural phenomenons contribute to personnify it.

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  • Discover an infinity of islands - The map is procedurally generated at each new game
  • Craft - Find resources and craft items and tools to survive
  • Build your house - Houses provide a lot of benefits you will have to discover
  • Farming - Cultivate food
  • Supernatural phenomenons - From tornado to things hidden in the darkness, the isle itself will try to kill you... or its spirits
  • Permadeath - Dying means starting a new adventure on a new isle


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About Silver Bullet Games

Silver Bullet Games is a French independant game studio founded by Kevin Drure. Making accessible indie games is our main ingredient.

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Isle Of Spirits Credits

Kevin Drure
Game Programmer, Founder Of Silver Bullet Games

Alexis Laugier
Sound Designer / Music Composer, Freelancer

Noemie Bezier
2D Artist, Freelancer

Jordy Feria
Testing, Volunteer

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